IT Training Program at Kujenga Inclusive Game Changer School

Addressing the challenges of Information technology (IT) education.

The poverty rate in rural areas has exceeded the poverty rate of urban areas. Rural communities have higher rates of idleness (individuals neither working nor attending school), particularly for younger people. This demographic is particularly at risk for substance abuse, the effects of which have led to more crime, substance dependency, and a lot of mental health challenges. Something should be done. We are doing something to improve this situation.

Kujenga is offering  ICT educational opportunities by introducing new activities, and new information technology courses. Information technology can play a significant role in combating rural and urban poverty and fostering sustainable development through creating information-rich communities and supporting livelihoods.

We are offering Microsoft Office/M365 courses to enhance our students’ computer skills. 

This will give our students a dependable way to distinguish themselves from other job applicants in the job market.  While there are no magic pathways for gaining the knowledge needed to be triumphant, there is a way to put yourself ahead in almost any position in any industry. One needs to learn and master the Microsoft Office 2019 suite.

Ready to learn Microsoft Office 2019? 

Sign up for the Microsoft Office value suite and learn Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Ambiguous Times. Time For IT Training Program

Microsoft Office products are the most widely-used business productivity software worldwide. We are offering Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint classes. We are not just teaching the basics. We’re talking about learning to use these programs at a more advanced level. 

Knowing how to utilize these business software products will go a long way in helping our students attain their goals.

From 2022 going to 2023, there’s no reason not to know how to use Microsoft at a basic level, and ample opportunity to truly master its software.