A Stitch in Time……

It’s true. Our stitch in time will save nine. Our  Kujenga tailoring classes offer increased opportunities for young apprentices to upskill and meet the demand of making school uniforms needed by many school children who often have to walk long distances to get their uniforms made in bigger and more expensive market centers.

Our students have access to an electric sewing machine, something they have neither seen nor used before. Even for students with disabilities, none of the challenges have neither dampened their drive or ambition.  Fashion and Design increase opportunities for young apprentices. Once onboarded, they get a good grasp of entrepreneurship and become competitive candidates for jobs. We will offer alterations to customers’ existing garments.

We will also offer embroidery classes. The students will learn how to:

 – Correctly hoop their fabric

 – Use stencils or pre-made designs

 – Create their own designs on their fabric to embroider

 – Add sequins and beads to their designs

 – Make patches

We believe that If you want nothing less than perfect then you’ve found your seamstresses here at Kujenga!!

With Fashion and Design, we are empowered by what we can become.