Meet our outstanding Teachers


Our first day of class was Oct 9th, 2021. It will be forever etched in our memory here at Kujenga Inclusive Game Changer School.

Our staff is made up of three very dedicated teachers. Not only are these professionals well qualified, dedicated, and passionate about their contributions to society, they also are using tools of the 21st century such as zoom, Google- Meet, and Jira to make learning more interactive, collaborative and fun.


Mr. Stephen Wambisi
Special Education Department.

Mr. Wambisi is our Special Education teacher. He has an extensive background and in-depth knowledge in Special Education and he has held several leadership positions in both mainstream and special education projects and institutions. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya and is working towards a Master’s degree in Special Education from Mt. Kenya University. He is also a headteacher at Sirisia Special School in Bungoma, Kenya. He is a strong proponent of inclusive education, which is one of our core values and the cornerstone of our project.

Please join us in welcoming our wonderful team of teachers. We are excited to have them as they join us on this magical journey.

Ms. Brenda Wamalwa
Information and Technology Department

Ms. Wamalwa is an inspiring computer Technology trainer who believes that high expectation within the school leads to high levels of achievement. She is a strong, focused, and computer instructor who is making a big difference in the classroom. She has a genuine passion for her course and strives to achieve the highest possible standards of teaching. Ms. Wamalwa has a Bachelor of Education Technology (Computer Studies) from the University Of Eldoret in Eldoret, Kenya. Ms. Wamalwa is a computer specialist teacher at Sirisia Polytechnic, Sirisia, Bungoma, Kenya.

Mrs. Teresa Wekesa
Fashion and Design Department

Mrs. Wekesa is our Fashion and Design instructor. She also teaches design at Toloso vocational training. We believe these skills are invaluable given the keen interest our students have shown in fashion and design. Mrs. Wekesa combines a passion for clothing and accessories with a classroom atmosphere and leads students in topics ranging from sewing, patterns, and fashion trends to conventional tailoring skills. Both her industry experience and professional portfolio are essential to running this program at our school.  She provides the students with first-hand knowledge of the fashion and design industry.